freeDiameter 1.1.0 is released.

The first version of the 1.1.x branch is now released.

Quite a lot of changes are included from previous 1.0.3 version, and a few bugs may remain in this version. However, we believe it should behave better than 1.0.3 in many aspects.

The main change is the re-organization of the source code. Most of the framework is now shipped as a library, libfdcore, while the daemon is just a lightweight front-end for this library. The intent is to allow easy integration of the freeDiameter framework into existing products.

For a more detailed list of changes, please check this changelog file.

The new release can be obtained from the Mercurial repository here: (tag: 1.1.0)

It will also be available shortly as a Debian package. See this page for more information.

Please report any problem or difficulty either by filing a new ticket (requires registration on this website) or by sending a mail to mailing-list.

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Thank you for your interest in freeDiameter The freeDiameter team.


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