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1This package uses CMake ( as building system. You'll need the cmake tool in order
2to generate the Makefiles for your platform. You can also select which extensions must be built
3with cmake. After the initial cmake configuration, you will need several tools such as make, a
4C compiler (tested mostly with gcc), flex (> 2.5.4), bison, ...
6You may retrieve the source package in several ways:
7 - as a pre-packaged version for your platform. Check the website for supported platforms.
8 - as a tarball containing the source.
9 - directly from the repository using Mercurial tool:
10      hg clone
11   In order to update later:
12      hg pull -u
14Building in a separate directory is recommended:
15# mkdir build
16# cd build
17# cmake ../
18# make
20You can pass options to instruct cmake about which components to compile on the command-line.
21You can also use a CMake front-end (for example ccmake or cmake-gui).
22If your cmake installation is recent, the edit_cache target is a good help as well:
23# mkdir build
24# cd build
25# cmake ../
26# make help
27# make edit_cache
28# make
30You can disable the unit tests by doing:
32# make
34When the tests are enabled, you can run them with:
35# make test
37See the INSTALL.* files for additional platform-specific information.
38Note that the most up-to-date INSTALL file is the Ubuntu one. You may want to read there
39in addition to your own platform file.
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