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Switch from libidn to libidn2.

libidn2 is the backwards compatible successor to libidn,
and at least Red Hat 8 does not provide a dev package for libidn1.

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1The simplest way to install on NetBSD, DragonFly, MirBSD or other
2pkgsrc platforms is:
3        pkg_add freeDiameter
5If no binary package exists:
6        cd /usr/pkgsrc/net/freeDiameter
7        make install
9If you want to build and install freeDiameter from the repository,
10you'll need to install:
11        pkg_add bison pkg-config libidn2 gnutls libgcrypt mercurial
12and follow the usual installation note.
14For the optional extensions, you need mysql*-client, postgres*-client,
15libxml2, jsoncpp, and json-schema.  For the debugging extensions,
16you also need swig and a python -- install as usual.
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