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1freeDiameter is an implementation of the Diameter protocol.
3Diameter is a protocol designed to carry Authentication, Authorization and
4Accounting (AAA) payload. It is an evolution of the RADIUS protocol (as the
5name suggests).
7Diameter is an extensible protocol. RFC3588 (currently under revision) defines the
8Base Protocol that all Diameter nodes must support, while other documents define
9the additional protocol support for specific applications. Such applications include
10for example Network Access Servers (RFC4005), EAP (RFC4072), ...
13The implementation consists in several components:
14 - libfdproto : this shared library provides the functions to manipulate Diameter
15      messages and dictionary. This library is meant to be re-used by other projects
16      that would require parsing or manipulating Diameter messages.
18 - libfdcore : this shared library contains the core of the framework. It establishes
19      the network connections with other Diameter peers and performs the tasks described
20      in Diameter Base Protocol, such as watchdogs, basic routing, ... It also handles
21      the loading of extensions (see below).
23 - freeDiameterd : this simple daemon parses the command line and initializes the
24      freeDiameter framework. Use it for your Diameter server & agent components.
25      In case of Diameter clients, you probably will prefer linking the libfdcore
26      directly with your client application that must be made Diameter-aware.
28 - extensions : the extensions provide the mean to augment the features of the
29      freeDiameterd framework. Extensions can provide the handling of a Diameter
30      server application, but also advanced routing features, peer management, etc.
33See for more information on the project.
35freeDiameter was previously known as the "waaad" project (WIDE AAA Daemon)
37This project is not related to the "freediameter" project from Sun on sourceforge.
39Author: Sebastien Decugis.
41See LICENSE file for legal information on this software.
43See INSTALL for information on building and using this software.
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