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1This file describes the content of the "contrib" directory.
2For information about the freeDiameter project, please refer
3to top-level README file.
5- : This script will simply update the copyright information
6        in all source files in the freeDiameter mercurial repository, based
7        on the last modification time. Thought I might share it if other people find
8        it useful for their own project...
11- debian : This directory contains the packaging information to create native Debian / Ubuntu
12        packages. It requires debhelper >= 7.3.9 (support for cmake). To use, simply link the
13        debian folder from the main freeDiameter folder, then use your building script as
14        usual ('dh binary' or 'pdebuild' or ...).
15        If you simply intend to use freeDiameter package, the relevant information is located
16        at:
19- PKI : This directory contains useful material related to establishing a
20        Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for deploying x509 certificates
21        and use these for TLS authentication of the freeDiameter nodes.
23        IMPORTANT: Please note that these solutions are NOT suitable
24        for use in a production environment! It allows easy deployment of
25        certificates for tests, and that is their sole purpose.
27        The directory contains:
29    - ca_script: a simple Makefile allowing you to generate a self-signed certificate (root)
30                and then issue new certificates and private keys for your users.
31                Run "make" without argument to get the help.
33    - ca_script2: An evolution of the previous Makefile. This one allows you
34                to create a hierarchy of CA and certificates.
36    - phpki-0.82.patch : This patch is to be applied to PHPki to customize the use for freeDiameter.
37                PHPki ( is a PHP-based web interface
38                that provides more or less the same services as ca_script.
41- OpenWRT : This directory contains the scripts and documentation related to
42        the integration of freeDiameter RADIUS/Diameter gateway component in the openWRT
43        distribution ( -- the goal is to give the access point the
44        ability to "talk" Diameter instead of RADIUS.
47- nightly_tests : This directory contains the scripts and documentation for the nightly
48        tests run on freeDiameter. The results are published at the following URL:
52- dict_legacy: XML and DTD files for the dict_legacy_xml.fdx extension.
54- dict_dcca: partial implementations of the DCCA dictionary
56- dict_gx: untested implementation of the Gx interface.
58- test_Gx: a responder on the Gx interface that always send SUCCESS status.
60- wireshark: This contains some information on how to use Wireshark to monitor Diameter
61        exchange protected with TLS. It involves patching the wireshark software.
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