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Added a basic Gx implementation in contrib (untested) -- reported working but may need some adaptation

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[327]1This file describes the content of the "contrib" directory.
2For information about the freeDiameter project, please refer
3to top-level README file.
5- : This script will simply update the copyright information
6        in all source files in the freeDiameter mercurial repository, based
7        on the last modification time. Thought I might share it if other people find
8        it useful for their own project...
11- debian : This directory contains the packaging information to create native Debian / Ubuntu
12        packages. It requires debhelper >= 7.3.9 (support for cmake). To use, simply link the
13        debian folder from the main freeDiameter folder, then use your building script as
14        usual ('dh binary' or 'pdebuild' or ...).
[474]15        If you simply intend to use freeDiameter package, the relevant information is located
16        at:
[327]19- PKI : This directory contains useful material related to establishing a
20        Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for deploying x509 certificates
21        and use these for TLS authentication of the freeDiameter nodes.
23        IMPORTANT: Please note that these solutions are NOT suitable
24        for use in a production environment! It allows easy deployment of
25        certificates for tests, and that is their sole purpose.
27        The directory contains:
29    - ca_script: a simple Makefile allowing you to generate a self-signed certificate (root)
30                and then issue new certificates and private keys for your users.
31                Run "make" without argument to get the help.
33    - ca_script2: An evolution of the previous Makefile. This one allows you
34                to create a hierarchy of CA and certificates.
36    - phpki-0.82.patch : This patch is to be applied to PHPki to customize the use for freeDiameter.
37                PHPki ( is a PHP-based web interface
38                that provides more or less the same services as ca_script.
[327]41- OpenWRT : This directory contains the scripts and documentation related to
42        the integration of freeDiameter RADIUS/Diameter gateway component in the openWRT
43        distribution ( -- the goal is to give the access point the
44        ability to "talk" Diameter instead of RADIUS.
47- nightly_tests : This directory contains the scripts and documentation for the nightly
48        tests run on freeDiameter. The results are published at the following URL:
52- dict_legacy: XML and DTD files for the dict_legacy_xml.fdx extension.
[800]54- dict_dcca: partial implementations of the DCCA dictionary
[830]56- dict_gx: untested implementation of the Gx interface.
[1257]58- test_Gx: a responder on the Gx interface that always send SUCCESS status.
[726]60- wireshark: This contains some information on how to use Wireshark to monitor Diameter
61        exchange protected with TLS. It involves patching the wireshark software.
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