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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
app_acct_tools 1228:e5010975da35   8 years tk Fix typo in comment.
CxDx 763:26b5748a6b70   10 years Sebastien Decugis Added contribution from Norberto, many thanks
debian 1557:7c777b0082ec   6 months Sebastien Decugis Update version information for 1.5.0
dict_dcca 902:42d0a08cffa8   8 years Sebastien Decugis Remove duplicate definitions, use dependencies instead -- thanks to …
dict_gx 830:7fd5aed93640   9 years Sebastien Decugis Included contribution from German Barros
dict_json 1497:d9615342e116   12 months luke dictionary_dcca_3gpp.json: remove base AVPs Remove non-3GPP AVPs that …
dict_legacy 829:a6b3e9e88e64   9 years Sebastien Decugis Fix the DTD as per Patricio comments
nightly_tests 1132:46f1e7645c44   8 years Sebastien Decugis Add nightly tests in the different build configurations
OpenWRT 1127:1af09cc156d6   8 years Sebastien Decugis Updated copyright information
PKI 1551:2fe434590a8f   9 months luke ca Makefile: portability improvements use -f with ln -s to avoid …
RPM 1224:7769172b877c   8 years Sebastien Decugis Add RPM spec contributed in …
test_Gx 1424:c8057892e56b   14 months luke adapt extensions to fd_msg_search_avp(struct avp) Remove …
tools 1538:7c9214a5f095   12 months luke csv_to_fd: support empty flags
wireshark 727:bfe14a099603   10 years Sebastien Decugis Fix incomplete instruction
README 2.8 KB 1257:55d0867dd8b8   7 years Sebastien Decugis Added a basic Gx implementation in contrib (untested) -- reported … 1.0 KB 661:c242cba52833   10 years Sebastien Decugis Updated script for copyright
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