source: freeDiameter

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
cmake 1312:6446c0eea547   4 years Sebastien Decugis Fix cmake search logic for MySQL
contrib 1542:8d7d4e1dfea8   5 months luke changelog: document changes I've made since v1.4.0
doc 1400:1409e693fa0f   10 months tk Document IncomingQueueLimit?, OutgoingQueueLimit?, and LocalQueueLimit?
extensions 1548:edfb2b662b91   4 months tk rt_rewrite: octetstring object cannot be mapped to any other type
freeDiameterd 1450:32f158d0d859   7 months tk Fix typo in comment.
include 1540:407e0a889c7e   5 months luke SCTP ConnectPeer?: sctp_bindx() to local endpoints When connecting to …
libfdcore 1544:7bad8025e69d   4 months tk merge
libfdproto 1549:19ab8ac08a36   3 months Sebastien Decugis Merge
tests 1540:407e0a889c7e   5 months luke SCTP ConnectPeer?: sctp_bindx() to local endpoints When connecting to …
.dir-locals.el 131 bytes 1378:86e231b3d6fc   16 months tk Add emacs config file for correct indentation.
.hgignore 78 bytes 844:9b208543ba7f   8 years Sebastien Decugis Ignore GNU global files. -- Thomas Klausner <>
.hgtags 4.2 KB 1402:d1827bc3cf90   10 months Sebastien Decugis Added tag 1.4.0 for changeset 1a9c73262a88
CMakeLists.txt 4.6 KB 1413:1979715b744f   7 months luke fix ERRORS_ON_WARNINGS cmake config failure Configure with -Wno-error …
CTestConfig.cmake 359 bytes 885:b7002bcc92a5   8 years Sebastien Decugis Converted to UNIX line ending
INSTALL 1.4 KB 866:e457e7ac3a6d   8 years Sebastien Decugis Fix typo
INSTALL.Fedora 1.2 KB 861:adbbc3f2e4b8   8 years Sebastien Decugis Added c++ dependency in Fedora install file also
INSTALL.FreeBSD 3.4 KB 921:a0ab56aa089f   8 years Sebastien Decugis Fix compilation when SCTP_USE_MAPPED_ADDRESSES is true, and add a note …
INSTALL.OpenSUSE 999 bytes 858:3483d83140ef   8 years Sebastien Decugis Added C++ compiler in the dependencies for Open SUSE
INSTALL.OpenWRT 123 bytes 643:f065e3cb846e   10 years Sebastien Decugis Updated documentation
INSTALL.OSX 2.4 KB 1288:389c26b904d7   5 years Sebastien Decugis Added a comment in the OSX file.
INSTALL.pkgsrc 570 bytes 1334:b90f100f9de6   18 months tk Update INSTALL.pkgsrc.
INSTALL.Ubuntu 3.9 KB 1351:e6b14a15d5f2   17 months Sebastien Decugis Updated comments for Ubuntu Bionic
LICENSE 2.2 KB 1462:b573eda8f4a2   7 months luke LICENSE: add Luke Mewburn as contributor
NEWS 223 bytes 1138:91320dea0fb5   7 years Sebastien Decugis Added umbrella NEWS file
README 2.1 KB 972:ce3cacbbccc9   8 years tk Fix some typos.

This is the main repository for the freeDiameter project.

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