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#24 wontfix dbg_interactive.i:38: Error: Syntax error in input(1) Administrator Sebastien Decugis

This problem appears with swig versions < 1.3.39, and trigged by the "%begin" directive in the file.

For a complete description check this archive message: Syntax error in input in dbg_interactive.i

#44 wontfix freediameter-1.2.0 availability Ranjith Kumar P


I'm looking forward to use the new changes available as part of 1.2.0-rc2. At present, I see two RC releases rc1 and rc2 available on 1.2.0. Do you have any concept called major release i.e. 1.2.0 rather than rc releases?If yes, is there any planned date for major release 1.2.0 availability?OR are we good to use the release 1.2.0-rc2?

Thanks in advance ...

Regards, Ranjith Kumar P

#52 worksforme freediameter-dev compile issue on Ubuntu 12.04 liviu


The headers of the current version of the freediameter-dev package fail to compile cleanly.

Version: [liviu ◄ Icecrown]$ sudo apt-cache show freediameter-dev Package: freediameter-dev Source: freediameter Version: 1.2.0+precise1 Architecture: amd64 Maintainer: Sebastien Decugis <> Installed-Size: 226 Depends: freediameter-common (= 1.2.0+precise1), libsctp-dev, libgnutls-dev, libgcrypt-dev Homepage: Priority: extra Section: universe/devel Filename: pool/universe/f/freediameter/freediameter-dev_1.2.0+precise1_amd64.deb Size: 58260 SHA256: e8e7c4b34e66f8806c35790c01b0ae4d76eda6c5aae1a495e1ea08ff627415d4 SHA1: a8a9636bde9de465c2aed169b6ff9e522e044a44 MD5sum: 6cc68637c9e0e6c808c785370849d517 Description: This package provides the development files for freeDiameter.

Behaviour. By simply including the header files: #include <freeDiameter/freeDiameter-host.h> #include <freeDiameter/libfdcore.h> #include <freeDiameter/libfdproto.h> #include <freeDiameter/extension.h>

I'm getting: In file included from /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdcore.h:44:0,

from aaa_diameter.c:30:

/usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h: In function ‘fd_thr_term’: /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h:849:15: error: ‘ANNOYING’ undeclared (first use in this function) /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h:849:15: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h:851:15: error: ‘CALL’ undeclared (first use in this function) /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h: In function ‘fd_cleanup_mutex’: /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h:866:71: error: expected expression before ‘)’ token /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h: In function ‘fd_cleanup_rwlock’: /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h:871:74: error: expected expression before ‘)’ token /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h: In function ‘fd_cleanup_socket’: /usr/include/freeDiameter/libfdproto.h:881:54: error: expected expression before ‘)’ token

I enabled EXCLUDE_DEPRECATED, and fixed the issues with the following patch:

If there is any more information you need, please let me know.

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