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#4 fixed Can't connect two freeDiameter nodes Sebastien Decugis Pichon Julien


I am facing a problem with freeDiameter, I was trying to setup an architecture in order to run the test_app application.

So I have two virtual machines, one named server.diameter.home, an another one named client.diameter.home. I create the certificates as mentioned here:

I am lauching the two daemon on each machines like here:

Each daemon is launched sucessfully, but when they fail connecting together.

I put the config files for freeDiameter & the test app of each node.

#3 fixed Session AVP in radius gateway Administrator Alexandre Westfahl

Diameter-SIP plugin inside of gateway must change the session object to use a stored one and not a new one.

#1 worksforme Run valgrind on the source code Sebastien Decugis Sebastien Decugis

It is important to check if there are memory leaks in the daemon before the first "stable" version can be released.

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