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#44 wontfix freediameter-1.2.0 availability Ranjith Kumar P


I'm looking forward to use the new changes available as part of 1.2.0-rc2. At present, I see two RC releases rc1 and rc2 available on 1.2.0. Do you have any concept called major release i.e. 1.2.0 rather than rc releases?If yes, is there any planned date for major release 1.2.0 availability?OR are we good to use the release 1.2.0-rc2?

Thanks in advance ...

Regards, Ranjith Kumar P

#43 fixed PPP interface support babass


I just beginning to use version 1.1.5 from freeDiameter stack on and I think that I found a bug concerning handling of ppp interface.

When no ListenTo? field is present in config file, code tries to get all interfaces of the system. When function fd_cnx_get_local_eps of cnxctx.c file is looping on ppp interface (I need this interface for my work) cur->ifa_addr is null (getifaddrs doesn't initialize address fields). So there is a segfault on sSAlen macro call.

Maybe it will be useful to check that cur->ifa_addr is not null?

(as a workaround I just defined a ListenTo? field)

Following code shows the problem :

int i = 0;
struct ifaddrs *tmp;

if (getifaddrs(&tmp)) {
  printf("getifaddrs error\n");
} else {
    while (tmp) {
      if (tmp->ifa_addr && tmp->ifa_addr->sa_family == AF_INET) {
        printf("%d) %s : flag(%p) ip(%s)\n", ++i, tmp->ifa_name, tmp->ifa_flags, inet_ntop(AF_INET, &((struct sockaddr_in *)tmp->ifa_addr)->sin_addr, str, INET_ADDRSTRLEN)); 
      } else if (tmp->ifa_addr && tmp->ifa_addr->sa_family == AF_INET6) {
        printf("%d) %s : flag(%p) ip6(%s)\n", ++i, tmp->ifa_name, tmp->ifa_flags, inet_ntop(AF_INET6, &((struct sockaddr_in *)tmp->ifa_addr)->sin_addr, str, INET6_ADDRSTRLEN)); 
      } else if (tmp->ifa_addr) {
        printf("%d) %s : ifa_family(%u)\n", ++i, tmp->ifa_name, tmp->ifa_addr->sa_family);
      } else {
        printf("%d) %s : ifa_addr(%p)\n", ++i, tmp->ifa_name, tmp->ifa_addr);              
      tmp = tmp->ifa_next;

with this result on my machine

1) lo : ifa_family(17)
2) eth0 : ifa_family(17)
3) ppp0 : ifa_addr((nil))
4) ppp1 : ifa_addr((nil))
5) lo : flag(0x10049) ip(
6) eth0 : flag(0x11043) ip(
7) ppp0 : flag(0x110d1) ip(
8) ppp1 : flag(0x110d1) ip(
9) lo : flag(0x10049) ip6(::)
10) eth0 : flag(0x11043) ip6(0:0:fe80::226:b9ff)
#40 fixed Unable to comment on submitted ticket somethingaboutusername

Pretty self-explanatory. I have sent replies to: Notify if there is other way.

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