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#14 fixed Better handle Proxy-State attributes in the RADIUS gateway Administrator Sebastien Decugis

In some case (for example Acct-Status-Type = Accounting-On messages) the RADIUS answer that is generated does not contain the Proxy-State attribute included in the request, which is invalid. The management must be improved.

#13 fixed Hang when only initiator does not accept TLS certificate Sebastien Decugis Sebastien Decugis

Since both sides validate the certificate when the connection is establish, it may happen that the client (for the connection) rejects the certificate of the server, while the server accepted the client's and started handshake on other streams pairs. In this situation, the current code blocks for a while (even ctrl-C does not resolve the problem).

#12 fixed testcnx on FreeBSD8.1 64bits Sebastien Decugis Sebastien Decugis

The test is failing on this configuration.

*note: works well on FreeBSD8.0 32bits.

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