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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#57 Issue in dispatching the diameter server initiated message - RAR defect blocker framework
#19 Use DTLS instead of TLS over SCTP Sebastien Decugis task major framework
#27 SCTP: Use Unordered delivery instead of streams rotation. Administrator enhancement major framework
#30 Authorization Session state management Administrator task major framework
#48 Question about compatibility defect major contrib
#51 The certificate is not trusted (unknown CA? expired?) defect major contrib
#53 On Missing Result Codes mapping defect major framework
#54 SCTP Support - FD-1.2.0-rc2 defect major framework
#55 Support for DIAMETER_REDIRECT_INDICATION defect major framework
#56 dbg_interactive callbacks don t work when script is passed via config file defect major contrib
#28 Warning: using insecure memory! Administrator defect minor framework
#29 CRL handling can be improved Administrator enhancement minor framework
#33 Todo: align with SCTP socket extension final API Administrator task minor framework
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