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Issue in dispatching the diameter server initiated message - RAR

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Component: framework Version: 1.2.0
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We are seeing a serious problem in dispatching the Re-Auth-Request initiated by our diameter server. (Using FD-1.2.0)

Here is the deployment model ..

Have two peers for diameter client implemented using MZ -> These two configured using “ConnectPeer?” configuration in the FD configuration file so that diameter server initiates the CER.

Have one seagull simulator tool acting as diameter client -> This is configured using acl_wl.conf file. Here client is initiating the CER.

Above “3” client peers are connected to single diameter server. Now, I initiated a session from seagull tool with CCR-I and then CCR-U.

Due to some functionality requirement in diameter server, RAR is created for the same session. But while dispatching the RAR, FD sent the message to incorrect peer which is one of the MZ instance rather to seagull instance.

Our Client has created a showstopper already on this so we need your immediate help in this regard.

Please let me know if you need any further information for investigation.

I tried to add some debugs in FD code for understanding and below is the snippet for this scenario –

RANJEET: Routing a request from FD...
RANJEET: In fd_msg_source_get ...
RANJEET: Diameter Identity: (null) -> Why diameter identity fetching failed
RANJEET: Fetching Diameter identity failed...
RANJEET: Fetching routing data...
RANJEET: In fd_msg_rt_get ...
RANJEET: No routing data, hence creating based on active peers list ... -> Why no routing data found
RANJEET: Adding active peer:
RANJEET: Adding active peer:
RANJEET: Adding active peer:
RANJEET: Associating routing information with msg that need dispatch ...
RANJEET: In fd_msg_rt_associate ...
RANJEET: Initialize the rtd list with scores ...
RANJEET: Order the candidate peers by score attributed by the callbacks ...
RANJEET: searching for peer information for identity:
RANJEET: Sending message to peer:

Below is the RAR framed by our diameter server – > Diameter Log: 'Re-Auth-Request'

Version: 0x01
Length: 20
Flags: 0xC0 (RP--)
Command Code: 258
ApplicationId?: 4
Hop-by-Hop Identifier: 0x00000000
End-to-End Identifier: 0x43084DA8

{internal data}: src:(nil)(0) rwb:(nil) rt:0 cb:(nil),(nil)((nil)) qry:(nil) asso:0 sess:(nil)
AVP: 'Session-Id'(263) l=8 f=-M val="RBM_INSIM1_REDIRECTTOPUP#RG=100-FUI_REDIRECT.TESTS.RAR;48605010013;1421404220"
AVP: 'Origin-Host'(264) l=8 f=-M val=""
AVP: 'Origin-Realm'(296) l=8 f=-M val=""
AVP: 'Destination-Host'(293) l=8 f=-M val=""
AVP: 'Destination-Realm'(283) l=8 f=-M val=""
AVP: 'Auth-Application-Id'(258) l=12 f=-M val=4 (0x4)
AVP: 'Re-Auth-Request-Type'(285) l=12 f=-M val='AUTHORIZE_ONLY' (0 (0x0))
AVP: 'Rating-Group'(432) l=12 f=-M val=100 (0x64)

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Hi, do you have any routing extension that overwrite the default routing policy?

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