Debian package

Debian packaging support is included in the freeDiameter source repository. The necessary files are included in the contrib/debian directory. Check the INSTALL.Ubuntu file for details on how to re-create a Debian package.

In addition, we distribute pre-compiled packages on the freeDiameter website. In order to use these packages, follow the instructions bellow.

Repository's GPG key

Modern Debian-based distributions use secure APT signed repositories for packages distribution. The following shows how you can import the public key of the freeDiameter repository.

$ # First, retrieve the key from the website
$ wget

$ # Optionally, check the key was not tempered with
$ md5sum repository.key
3483b09a2b6a1e882ac55d5d33354358  repository.key
$ # (correct value is in repository.md5sum file)

$ # Finally import this key into APT
$ sudo apt-key add repository.key 

Package repository URL

Next step is to add the repository to your sources.list apt configuration file.

If your system has a /etc/apt/sources.list.d folder, it is advised to create a new file inside this folder, for example called freediameter.list. Otherwise, simply add the following content to you /etc/apt/sources.list file.


  • Debian Squeeze (stable):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb squeeze contrib
    deb-src squeeze contrib
  • Debian Wheezy (testing):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb wheezy contrib
    deb-src wheezy contrib
  • Debian Sid (unstable):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb sid contrib
    deb-src sid contrib


  • Ubuntu Lucid (10.04):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb lucid universe
    deb-src lucid universe
  • Ubuntu Precise (12.04):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb precise universe
    deb-src precise universe
  • Ubuntu Quantal (12.10):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb quantal universe
    deb-src quantal universe

Using the repository

Once you have configured apt properly, the following commands should work.

$ sudo aptitude update
$ aptitude search freediameter
p   freediameter-accounting-server    - freeDiameter simple Accounting server.
p   freediameter-common               - The libfreeDiameter library.
p   freediameter-daemon               - The freeDiameter daemon.

You can for example install a Diameter EAP server with:

$ sudo aptitude install freediameter-eap-server

Note that the documentation and sample configuration files get installed in /usr/share/doc/freediameter/*.

Administration of the repositories

The scripts and configuration files used to generate these repositories can be found at: Please feel free to propose improvements.

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