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The freeDiameter implementation supports the following features:

  • Full support for the Diameter Base Protocol defined in RFC3588 and draft-ietf-dime-rfc3588bis-21, including:
    • Native IPv6 and SCTP support.
    • TLS support (mixed port or separate port), even for SCTP (RFC3436)
    • Failover and failback mechanisms
    • Diameter routing loops detection and avoidance
    • Base Accounting support is provided by the app_acct.fdx extension.
    • Messages relaying is natively supported by the daemon without need for any extension.
    • Diameter Redirects are supported by the rt_redirect.fdx? and app_redirect.fdx? extensions.
  • Diameter EAP server (RFC4072) support is provided by the app_diameap.fdx extension.
  • Diameter SIP (RFC4740) support is provided by the app_sip.fdx extension.
  • RADIUS/Diameter translation for NASREQ (RFC4005), EAP (RFC4072), and SIP (RFC4740) is provided by the app_radgw.fdx extension.

Since the implementation supports extensions, it is quite easy to implement support for other Diameter applications or behavior (dynamic peer discovery, ...)