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Accounting Application

This app_acct.fdx extension aims to provide a very simple and configurable implementation of the Diameter Base Accounting application defined in RFC3588.

It must be seen as an intermediary component: the Diameter messages are parsed, and the accounting records are stored in a database, but no further treatment is performed. The intent is that an independent application (with no knowledge of Diameter required) will then process these records, reconstruct the session information, and store it in a format suitable for a billing application for example.

Currently, the extension stores the information in a PostgreSQL database, where a third-party application can retrieve it.

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app_acct.fdx allows easy configuration of what information is stored in the database. See the section bellow for detail.


app_acct.fdx configuration file is mandatory. The complete configuration documentation can be found in the source package: [source:freeDiameter/doc/app_acct.conf.sample app_acct.conf.sample].

The configuration is split in two parts. The first part is dedicated to mapping the information from Diameter AVP into database fields. The second part contains the access information to the database, and a few global options for the extension.


Since the application is not resistant to database access problems, it is highly recommended (although not mandatory) that the database is located on the same host as the app_acct.fdx application.


This application does not produce any particular output, except for entries in the database.