This is the official website of freeDiameter, the open source Diameter protocol implementation. freeDiameter provides an extensible platform for deploying a Diameter network for your Authentication, Authorization and Accounting needs, whether you are involved in research or a network operator.

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Getting help

In case you need assistance with the configuration of freeDiameter, these resources should be helpful:


If you have found a problem with the implementation, please use:

  • The Troubleshooting page for instructions on gathering as much information as possible.
  • The [Search] function on the site to check if similar issue is already reported in the mailing-list archive or the bug tracker.
  • Finally, please report the problem on the mailing-list or tracker. Include as much information as possible to help us understand and reproduce the issue (operating system, configuration files, log files, ...)

You may also use the ticket system to request new features.

Thank you for using freeDiameter!

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