Version 1.4.0 available

Version 1.4.0 was tagged in the repository a few months ago. The source code of this release can directly be downloaded using this link: ​​​

This new version comes with quite a number of changes:

  • New API: fd_fifo_set_max to change the capacity of a queue.
  • New configuration stanza for Relays: ProcessingPeersPattern? and ProcessingPeersMinimum?
  • New configuration stanza for scalability: RoutingInThreads? and RoutingOutThreads?
  • some coding style cleanups
  • Improvements on rt_load_balance algorithm
  • Improvements on logging & locking behaviors
  • More tolerant to invalid messages and answers.
  • Improvements on shutdown behaviors.
  • test_ccload: new extension: generates random Credit-Control-Requests and counts how many are answered/give an error/get no answer. Start it with SIGUSR2, stop it with a second SIGUSR2. Statistics are printed on exit.
  • test_cc: new extension. Automatically replies to Credit-Control-Requests. Copies minimally necessary data from the Request.
  • Fixed testcnx failing due to expired CA certificate

Thanks a lot to the contributors who continue to work and improve this stack!

Thank you for your interest in freeDiameter !

The freeDiameter team.


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