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APT Repositories

Releases of freeDiameter are compiled for convenience as .deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu distributions, and distributed on this website. In order to use these packages, follow the instructions bellow.

Repository's GPG key

Modern Debian-based distributions use secure APT signed repositories for packages distribution. The following shows how you can import the public key of the freeDiameter repository.

$ # First, retrieve the key from the website
$ wget

$ # Optionally, check the key was not tempered with
$ md5sum repository.key
3483b09a2b6a1e882ac55d5d33354358  repository.key
$ # (correct value is in repository.md5sum file)

$ # Finally import this key into APT
$ sudo apt-key add repository.key 

Package repository URL

Next step is to add the repository to your sources.list apt configuration file.

If your system has a /etc/apt/sources.list.d folder, it is advised to create a new file inside this folder, for example called freediameter.list. Otherwise, simply add the following content to you /etc/apt/sources.list file.


  • Debian Lenny (oldstable):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb lenny contrib
    ## In order to rebuild the freeDiameter packages, 
    ## you will need backports for lenny also.
    deb-src lenny contrib
  • Debian Squeeze (stable):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb squeeze contrib
    deb-src squeeze contrib
  • Debian Sid (unstable):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb sid contrib
    deb-src sid contrib


  • Ubuntu Karmic (9.10):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb karmic universe
    deb-src karmic universe
  • Ubuntu Lucid (10.04):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb lucid universe
    deb-src lucid universe
  • Ubuntu Maverick (10.10):
    ## freeDiameter APT repository
    deb maverick universe
    deb-src maverick universe

Using the repository

Once you have configured apt properly, the following commands should work.

$ sudo aptitude update
$ aptitude search freediameter
p   freediameter-accounting-server    - freeDiameter simple Accounting server.
p   freediameter-common               - The libfreeDiameter library.
p   freediameter-daemon               - The freeDiameter daemon.

You can for example install a Diameter EAP server with:

$ sudo aptitude install freediameter-eap-server

Note that the documentation and sample configuration files get installed in /usr/share/doc/freediameter/*.

Administration of the repositories

The scripts and configuration files used to generate these repositories can be found at: Please feel free to propose improvements.