Posts for the month of June 2010

Registration is open

A short announce to tell that the registration is now open on the tracker.

Registered users may contribute to wiki pages and open new tickets.

These permissions might be adjusted in the future if spam is occurring.

You may register your user name by clicking on the "register" link at the top of the page. You will need to provide a valid email address since verification is performed.


Old website

The previous website for freeDiameter is now discontinued, but kept around for archives.

The useful content from that site will be copied into this new site, the information being integrated into the documentation when it is useful.

About freeDiameter

freeDiameter is a implementation of the Diameter protocol specified in RFC3588. Diameter is a protocol for carrying Authentication, Authorization and Accounting information. It is an evolution of the widely-deployed RADIUS protocol. freeDiameter also implements the changes to the Diameter protocol introduced by the rfc3588bis Internet Draft (work in progress).

freeDiameter is open-source and released under a BSD compatible license. It is mainly written in the C language, which provides excellent performance and small memory footprint.

For additional detail about freeDiameter, please refer to its [source:freeDiameter/README README] file, as well as the Wiki.

If you require assistance with freeDiameter, please refer to these instructions.

You are of course welcome to contribute to this wiki and implementation. Please contact for getting you started.