Posts for the month of August 2012

freeDiameter in pkgsrc

Thanks to the contribution by Thomas Klausner (archive), freeDiameter is now available in pkgsrc here:

pkgsrc is a cross-platform packaging system. It comes from NetBSD, but is also the default for DragonFly BSD and MirBSD, and works on a wide variety of others as well (Linux, OS X, Solaris, Haiku, ...) More information at

Thank you again, Thomas!

freeDiameter 1.1.3 released

Late announcement for freeDiameter 1.1.3 that was tagged in our repository on July 3rd, 2012.

This release 1.1.3 can be downloaded from our Mercurial repository here: (tag: 1.1.3)

This new release is a minor bug fix release, addressing a few issues in dbg_interactive.fdx, as well as a memory leak in the sessions module. Please check the changelog for detailed information.

Debian and Ubuntu packages are available, check this page for more information.

As previously, our mailing-list is open to your questions and remarks.

Thank you for your interest in freeDiameter The freeDiameter team.