Posts for the month of February 2011

Two blackouts planned

The main server network will be down again on this week-end: 3/4(Fri) 18:30 - 3/7(Mon) 08:30 JST, and the following week-end: 3/11(Fri) 18:30 - 3/14(Mon) 08:30 JST.

All freeDiameter services (web site, mailing-list, DNS server, mercurial repository, Debian archive repository) will be unavailable during these periods.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Documentation update in progress

Anticipating the upcoming 1.1.0 freeDiameter release, the documentation on the website is being re-organized. Please don't panic if you see many broken links, the new content will be coming soon.

If you want a preview of the new version, please check-out the source code from the repository.


the freeDiameter team.