Posts for the month of July 2010

freeDiameter 1.0.0 released.

Here we are! All the planned features are in the tree, the code looks stable enough for a release, so I am pleased to announce that: freeDiameter 1.0.0 is released

Without waiting any longer, these are the download links for the source code:

You may alternatively retrieve the code using Mercurial:

hg clone
cd freeDiameter
hg update -C 1.0.0

Note that Debian and Ubuntu packages will be available soon (information to be updated).

The main features in this release are:

  • libfreeDiameter and freeDiameterd daemon, for the support of Diameter Base Protocol.
  • A RADIUS/Diameter translation extension, app_radgw.fdx.
  • A Diameter EAP server extension with support for EAP TLS and MD5, app_diameap.fdx, thanks to Souheil Ben Ayed for this contribution.
  • A Diameter SIP server extension, app_sip.fdx, thanks to Alexandre Westfahl for this contribution.
  • A simple Diameter accounting extension, app_acct.fdx.

The user documentation is located at

Thank you for your interest in freeDiameter!

First release candidate for freeDiameter 1.0.0 is out!

We are now entering stabilization of the code for the first release of freeDiameter.

Although some new features are still planned for 1.0.0 (Diameter EAP server), the base code currently available should be quite usable. Please feel free to get this code and open tickets for any error you may encounter!

The release is tagged "1.0.0-rc1" in the repository. You may retrieve the sources directly from if you dislike mercurial.

Thank you! The freeDiameter team.