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Another downtime...


You may have noticed that the domain was down for a while; the primary server has actually physically relocated to a new home... And it took some time to get all back online!

Let us know if you experience any issue now that the server is back...

Apology for the inconvenience~ Sebastien

freeDiameter website downtime

Some of you may have noticed the website has been down for a while; this has been a combination of failures of 2 independent servers, unlikely but it happened unfortunately.

Thanks to all the people who wrote to me about this :) Your interest in freeDiameter is really motivating.

NO the freeDiameter implementation is not dead :) Although the active development is in "pause" I continue the maintenance and when I have more free time I will work on new features -- in the meantime I accept any contributions :)

Now one of the server is restored, but we need to migrate the content of the second server that is aging... so further downtime may occur in a not so distant future or during the migration. Thank you for your patience if that happens.

Best regards to all, and happy 2016 (still a few days remaining for the new year greetings) and happy year of the monkey (a bit ahead of time)