Evolution status

A new version of freeDiameter, 1.0.1, will be released soon (within the end of this month). This release contains many bug fixes, in particular in the RADIUS/Diameter gateway. The 1.0.1-rc1 was tagged in the repository a few days ago.

In the longer term (release 1.1.0), the structure of the implementation will change slightly (see ticket 15) to allow easier integration in other projects (typically, implementation of Diameter clients).

Changes are also planned in the freeDiameter API. The sessions management for example will be modified since current API does not allow a clean management (16). If you are currently developing new freeDiameter extensions using the sessions, please drop a mail on so we can discuss the details. Apart from the sessions, the API will also be affected by 7 (some datatypes will be redefined to speedup operations) and 10 (ability to set a timeout for receiving a Diameter answer).

freeDiameter is still a young implementation and the API is expected to evolve quickly, but yet it is already usable. Last week, we experimented RADIUS/Diameter gateway, Diameter EAP server, and Diameter accounting server components to perform AAA functions for a venue with 200 people. Although we encountered a few problems, the operation was very smooth for the end-users, thanks to redundancy of our servers and efficient failover mechanism implementation of freeDiameter.

Thank you, the freeDiameter project.


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