freeDiameter 1.0.0 released.

Here we are! All the planned features are in the tree, the code looks stable enough for a release, so I am pleased to announce that: freeDiameter 1.0.0 is released

Without waiting any longer, these are the download links for the source code:

You may alternatively retrieve the code using Mercurial:

hg clone
cd freeDiameter
hg update -C 1.0.0

Note that Debian and Ubuntu packages will be available soon (information to be updated).

The main features in this release are:

  • libfreeDiameter and freeDiameterd daemon, for the support of Diameter Base Protocol.
  • A RADIUS/Diameter translation extension, app_radgw.fdx.
  • A Diameter EAP server extension with support for EAP TLS and MD5, app_diameap.fdx, thanks to Souheil Ben Ayed for this contribution.
  • A Diameter SIP server extension, app_sip.fdx, thanks to Alexandre Westfahl for this contribution.
  • A simple Diameter accounting extension, app_acct.fdx.

The user documentation is located at

Thank you for your interest in freeDiameter!


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