freeDiameter 1.0.3 released!

And there comes freeDiameter 1.0.3 as a Christmas gift for you :o)

This new release comes with a lot of bug fixes, specially with regards to portability to other Linux distributions -- the framework should now compile on main Linux distributions without problems.

In addition, two new extensions are available: dict_legacy_xml.fdx and dbg_interactive.fdx. Both extensions are focused on allowing the development of Diameter application prototypes very easily and without writing a single line of C code. Please refer to each extension's documentation for more information. We believe these extensions will become the Diameter user's must-have tool very soon.

As usual, you can find a more extensive list of changes in the changelog file.

The new release can be obtained from the Mercurial repository here: (tag: 1.0.3)

It is also available as a Debian package. See this page for more information.

Please report any problem or difficulty either by filing a new ticket or by sending a mail to mailing-list.

A very happy end of year to all of you!

Thank you, The freeDiameter team.


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